Our crates can be designed to accommodate virtually any product; built in-house from the ground up to ensure the specifications of the package will be met. Our CNC routers can be used to cut corrugated or wood inserts with machine precision, guaranteeing a consistent fitting dunnage that will properly unitize your product. Our crates can also be heat treat certified with our in-house HT oven to meet the standards of the industry.

Corrugated Set-ups

Need quick set-ups for your packaging process? Our design team can custom tailor the perfect corrugated set-up for small and large production runs. We keep the logistical constraints of your packaging process in mind, whether it be providing the correct density of parts, lift assist packaging, or space limitations, our team will put their years of experience to use to find the perfect solution.

Expendable Interiors

Our expendable interiors can accommodate both cartons or crates as well as returnable totes and pallet boxes. We offer plastic and fiberboard corrugated partitions, crosslink, wood, and corrugated built-up blocks to provide the right fit. The need for proper package/product unitization is important. This is why we offer a diversity of methods including CNC routing and die cut products to provide the best way to contour the product.

Knocked Down and Kit Solutions

There is oftentimes a constraint on time as well as space for our customers. Having a full set-up significantly decreases packaging time to get more product out the door but it takes more valuable room in the warehouse. Our solution to this quandary is our custom- designed knocked-down box. It takes little time to set up and can be efficiently stored until needed and can contain a wide array of dunnage and be custom designed to maximize the efficiency of your truck or warehouse.


In addition to crates, we also make pallets in-house as well as with our partner company Grigg Box. This allows us to produce a wide variety of standard and custom pallets at a low cost with a fast turnaround. We also have an on-site heat treating chamber to meet the specifications of the industry.