Complete Packaging LLC

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us

Complete Packaging LLC was established in 1979. We realized the demand for fast and efficient, expendable packaging and the lack of companies that could keep up with the ever-increasing need for quality packaging solutions. The industry was moving into a new age and Complete Packaging was fixed on providing solutions for the ever-changing world.

The concept was simple yet important. To establish a company dedicated to designing expendable boxes and crates that arrive on-site and are ready to be used with all components included. This concept eliminated various inventory problems that the industry continually ran into such as the hassles of purchasing from multiple sources and receiving just the quantities needed for that day can drastically waste time. This concept proved its worth over the years and has become in demand more and more as the packaging industry continues to grow.

Complete is not just focused on supplying packaging but on providing quality solutions. A solution to a problem is an all-encompassing result that takes all the factors into account. Producing packaging is great but providing packaging solutions that address these factors and all of the logistical constraints of the problem is even better. Having a ready-to-use, just-in-time packaging solution allows the customer to maximize efficiency and increase throughput.